Before you read all the questions I'm often asked, there are a five important questions I ask you.

If you answer yes to all of them, then I'm the right photographer for you!

Are you a laid-back couple that likes to be a bit silly sometimes?

I love laid-back couples who like to be a bit different. Couples that don't mind a little quirky-ness, who pull silly faces and make each other laugh!

Couples that are planning to have a more informal type of day whose top wedding priorities probably include booze, food and music!

Do you want to have as much fun as possible?

After I bag the usual safe shots, I sometimes like to switch things up a bit, have some fun and try something different. I may direct and prompt things a little at times during the day, without taking over.

There are many fun things I say and do to help you feel relaxed and forget I have a camera!

I also like to get in close amongst every aspect of your wedding and have fun with you and your guests. This ensures you'll have a unique set of photos that reflect your day and your event.

Do you want a photographer to capture the natural moments?

I finely balance my occasional vibrant fun direction alongside a reportage type of approach, capturing `as it happens` natural moments that you often don't notice at the time.

These are photos that you will look back on and remember the moments.

This approach, in turn, shapes the way I see and photograph your story and your relationship to one another as your wedding day unfolds.

Do you want a photographer who has their own unique style?

There's no such thing as a great photo by itself; it's all very subjective. Everyone has their own idea and opinion of what it should be. There is such a thing as a style.

My notable natural fun style is my trademark and it's what I bring to each and every wedding.

Do you like dynamic images shot in an unusual location?

I'm always inspired by a couples chosen venue and try out new things. If there's enough time, I often suggest incorporating a part of your venue or a place nearby that you probably didn't notice looks photogenic, to capture something more offbeat and memorable.

If you like what you've read so far then please read through the frequently asked questions below before finally deciding if I'm the right photographer for you.

(Be warned...there's a lot!)
Q: We definitely want to book. Can you provisionally hold our date without a fee/deposit?

Nope. Unfortunately I can't. Not even if you extra special pinky swear on it.

I'm unable to hold your date without a booking fee and completed online Booking Agreement Form.

Q: What is a booking Fee?

It's a non-refundable charge to reserve my services and guarantee your date. Once I receive the fee, the date is yours and I won't take any other bookings for that date!

N.B: All prices are subject to change without prior notice and aren't guaranteed until I receive the booking fee.

Q: We wanna book right now, how do we pay?

The preferred method is with online banking via Internet Banking Transfer. You can also use Paypal with any credit card if you don't have online banking access.

Q: When is the final balance due?

The balance is to be paid in full no later then 28 days before your wedding. This is not negotiable for any reason.

N.B: Paypal can only be used for your booking and not for payment of your final balance.

Q: Where is the Booking Agreement Form?

Please contact me for the link to the online Booking Form. When I have the completed form a detailed confirmation letter will be emailed to you.

Q: How long will it take to receive our photos?

Photos are usually ready within eight weeks of your wedding date or engagement shoot. Sometimes this may take a little longer, especially during the busy wedding season (March to October).

I take great pride in my unique imaging style and personally hand edit each one.

Q: Do we get our photos on a USB stick/drive?

I don't supply USB sticks as they aren't a very reliable form of storage. They're easily corrupted, physically flimsy and have capacity limitations. They often end up getting lost or gathering dust somewhere.

There's also no archival guarantee that they'll be useable in the future as technology moves forward.

Q: How many photos will I get?

As every wedding is unique it's difficult to put an exact figure on how many you'll get. It all depends on your wedding, the willingness of subjects, the weather, your time-scale, venue or officiate policy restrictions, etc.

It can be anywhere between 300 and 2000.

Unlike many other photographers I don't state an upper limit on how many you'll receive.

My online delivery service avoids unnecessary culling of your photos as I don't need to make them all fit on to a limited capacity USB stick.
Worcester Wedding Photographer
Q: Do you photograph group formals?

Yes I do! Grandparents will always want a few for the mantelpiece!

There's a set of group formals expected at most weddings which I'll do as standard, usually no more than 5 or 6 different ones.

However, if you need a lot more than that and it's a conventional wedding then you're probably thinking far more traditionally than I do.

Q: Can we give you a long check-list of formal group photographs we want?

If you really must have a long check-list of formals then you're probably looking for a far more traditional type of wedding photographer than me.

If time is spent holding and reading from a list, trying to find particular guests I don't know amongst other guests that I don't know, then it's precious time not taking photos and capturing natural moments of your wedding.

It also significantly stifles my true creativity if I spend any time referring from one.

When it comes to those formal group photos, my job on the day is to arrange a bunch of people into a pleasing group and take a picture of them, not to run around chasing after them all!

It's much nicer for your guests to have someone familiar doing this than a bossy stranger!

Ask someone reliable, sensible and willing at your wedding like your brother or sister, an usher, the best man or your bridesmaids to help gather your guests up for you.

Someone who knows most of the people you want. Someone who isn't just interested in going straight to the bar as soon as they can!

I find it's much better and always way more fun to just choose your formals on the day and grab the people you want when you need them.

The day is then far more spontaneous, flows naturally and produces far better photos!

Q: Can you work from a shot list that we've made or got from a bridal magazine/blog?

Nope. Any list you give me will have a very negative impact on my style. I would rather be taking photos than ticking boxes all day!

Q: What if I want specific photos taken?

Just let me know on the day. Grab the people, object, animal, mineral or vegetable you want and I'll shoot it!
Q: Can you photo-shop me? Remove my double chin? Make me look thinner? Put hair on my husbands head, etc?

You'll be surprised at what I'm asked! Simple answer is no. I don't undertake any major image enhancements. I capture who you are.

As with all weddings, every bride looks fantastic on her wedding day, so I really don't need too! Plus, years of experience has taught me how to photograph people at their best.

Q: Will all my photos be edited?

I put every single image through my high quality hand-edited work-flow. I may retouch, digitally manipulate and finish according to my discretion.

This may mean softening skin a little and brightening eyes on close-ups or removing unsightly spots or zits.

I have a distinctive finishing style which does a great job at hiding these small imperfections. If I believe an image needs more, I'll do it, but only where I consider it an issue.

These things are never as bad as you think, this is why is best to leave it up to me!

Please Note: Any retouching, digital manipulation or finishing which is requested by you will be subject to an extra charge.

Prices are calculated on an image to image basis and may not always be technically possible.

Q: Why don't you make a big deal of ring shots and details in general?

Because I'm not shooting for bridal magazines or for the latest wedding blog. Time spent shooting lots of details is time away from shooting people and moments at your wedding.

I shoot details as and when but I don't go crazy on them.

Q: Why no package with a big album or photo-book like everybody else?

Because I'm not like everybody else! I'm into photographing weddings not making or designing albums. I also don't like the up-selling after the wedding that goes along with offering them.

Couples that book me tend to be very creative and want to design their own. Everyone now has access to quality online suppliers where you can easily do this yourself much cheaper than I can as I have to factor in my time and design and pass that cost on to you.

If you do want a full on album, having the high-res files means you can do something about getting one at any time.

Q: Who owns the copyright?

Teme Valley Photography does. A personal use licence is included with all your photos. This allows you to do whatever you like with them.

You can copy, print and email them to friends and family or use them for thank you cards, Facebook, etc or create your own album.

What you can not do is pass them off as your own, enter them into any competitions without letting me know first, sell them or give them to any related wedding supplier for promotion and advertising of their services.

Teme Valley Photography also retains the right to use the images in anyway thought appropriate.

I will of course respect your wishes should you request me not to use any particular photos.
Q: What if it rains?

The one thing that you cannot pre-book or change is the weather, so don't worry about it. Get a pair of funky Wellingtons and some colourful brollies and use the weather as part of your day! Have fun with it!

I'm used to shooting in all sorts of conditions all year round. If it's really bad we just stay indoors and make use of what's available.

Q: How much time should I allow for my photographs?

As much time as you think your wedding photos are worth and more time than you think you'll need. Quality wedding photography takes time.

I recommend allowing at least 90 minutes from after your ceremony is finished until the start of your wedding breakfast. Allow a little more time if you're travelling from a church to your reception.

By giving yourselves plenty of time it allows you to enjoy the day without constant clock watching. It also gives you that breathing space for any unforeseen hiccups that might happen.

In my experience weddings very rarely run exactly on time! Consequently, the more time you allow, the more photographs you will also get!

Q: We would like to meet up with you before we decide?

No problem. If your wedding is taking place locally I will usually arrange to meet you at your wedding venue or reception. I find this sometimes helps me to get a better understanding of your requirements.

If you live too far away from me I can arrange a meeting at a convenient location when you're able to visit near Worcestershire.

Q: Do we have to arrange a meeting before we book you?

It's up to you. I book out most of my popular dates online before any meeting takes place, often a year or two in advance based purely on the quality of the photos you see on the website.

Many couples don't meet me until a few weeks before the wedding.

Q: Do all your prices include travelling costs?

Some prices will include travel costs depending on the area. For further distances or destination weddings there will be an extra cost at the prevailing rates.

Q: Can you stay on for an extra few minutes past the agreed contracted hours if our wedding timings are running late?

If I'm able to do so then no problem, however, you will have to pay for the extra time needed either with cash at the time or at a later date as I don't work for free.

This is why it's a good idea to book me for more time than you think you need before your wedding as it will be at a lower cost than the overtime rate on the day (see below).

Please Note: The overtime rate on the day will be £300 per hour or part thereof which you must agree to pay before any further photography of your wedding.

Should you choose to pay later your photos will not be released until the outstanding payment has been received in full. This is not negotiable for any reason.
Q: Do you have backup equipment? Q: What equipment do you use? Q: What happens if you don't show up?

I have a complete set of backup equipment. I don't bring along any cumbersome studio lighting or boring backdrops. I like to include as much of the location you've chosen as possible.

I'm not one of those wedding photographers who use their equipment list as a symbol of their professionalism, I'd rather the photos did that. I have professional gear which works for me.

I carry both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance so if something does go wrong and you don't get any photos then you'll receive a full refund. (excluding the booking fee.)

Q: Where have you photographed weddings?

I've attended weddings pretty much everywhere! All the major venues in Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Birmingham, Herefordshire and The West Midlands.

I'm now also taking weddings abroad. If possible I will `recce` a venue if I haven't been there before to check suitable photographic locations.

Q: Do we have to provide a meal for you?

Unlike some other photographers I don't expect it. You have enough guests to feed without worrying about me.

If you're offering though I won't say no! I'll appreciate anything. A £20 bar tab, couple of sarnies or sit me next to your great auntie at your wedding breakfast.

Q: We've been collecting images on pinterest that we like can you copy them?

Yeah...sort of. I love it when couples have their own fun ideas about what type of photos they want.

You can send me a few favourites and I'll attempt them in my style on the day, however, they won't be exactly the same so don't expect them to be.

I also can't guarantee you will actually see the final shots, especially if I think they look crap when I edit them later!

If you have loads of shots you like from one particular photographer then I suggest you book them instead. We all have our own style.
Q: Do you have any testimonials from previous couples?

Yes. I have lots! Just take a look at some of my featured weddings in the gallery. I include the actual emails and text messages I get after their wedding.

Q: Do you offer engagement photo-shoots and if so what would be the extra cost?

Engagement shoots can be added on for an extra cost. Sometimes though, I include engagement shoots for free with certain conditions applied. Please contact me for more info.

Q: How do I qualify for a free Engagement Shoot, what are the conditions?

Free E-Shoots are an occasional limited offer. They're for new bookings only and you must choose a minimum set of hours coverage for your wedding to qualify.

The shoot takes place in Worcester City and lasts around one hour. It's subject to availability from Monday to Thursday only and isn't guaranteed.

The photos are all hand-edited and supplied in high resolution via a direct download. They are then yours to keep and print from as you wish. Perfect for using on your wedding invitations!

Q: Are our details and personal information secure?

Any and all information collected by Teme Valley Photography will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, rented, disclosed or loaned to anyone!

It will be held with the up most care and will not be used in ways that you haven't consented too. It will also be permanently deleted at any time after your wedding.

Q: Our question isn't here!

Then drop me a quick email and I'll answer you within a few hours. I'll then probably add it to the rest of them here



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