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Emma + Steve

Cheltenham Wedding Photographer

Wedding Locations: Manor By The Lake, Cheltenham.

Wedding Photography Coverage: 5 hours.

Manor By The Lake
Manor By The Lake in Cheltenham Wedding Photographers
Manor By The Lake Wedding Ceremony Photography
Manor By The Lake Wedding Photographer
Manor By The Lake in Cheltenham
Manor By The Lake Wedding
Manor By The Lake Wedding Photographers
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Popped over on a Thursday afternoon to Manor By The Lake in Cheltenham for Emma & Steve's wedding day. A first for me at this charming little venue.

Tucked away on the outskirts of the town next to a supermarket and a hospital. It's a fairy-tale gothic hidden gem!

The place makes you believe your right in the heart of the countryside! It has plenty of space and endless photographic locations around every corner, inside and out.

The weather was typically British. Pleasant April sunshine followed by frequent cold downpours! Emma and Steve's day was totally chilled out though. Lots of giggles and plenty of smiles.

We managed to get outside in between the showers and make use of the grounds whilst grabbing some fun stuff inside when we couldn't. Days like this always keeps me on my toes as the light is constantly changing.

All the excitement got to Emma a little bit though bless her as she had an unexpected nose bleed! Luckily her dress was okay as there were plenty of hanky's on hand.

Unexpected moments like this are priceless. Even if they're not exactly what you'd hope for to happen on your wedding day!

I sprinted up and down the stairs between opposite ends of the Manor to grab some of their preps as they were both getting ready at the venue. I often cover both preps when possible.

I missed out on the evening party though as they only wanted coverage until the speeches. An option that is quite popular for a weekday wedding as it's another way to keep the cost down.

I managed to get the `cake fake` shot done before I said my goodbyes and left them all to carry on the celebrations into the evening!

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